The Angelic Realm Says, “Just Bee”

Morning Angels! How is everything going? Let’s chat.

So much has been going on in my neck of the woods and it’s all wonderful. After working with AA Metatron VERY closely for most of this year, I felt him leave last night. I’m a little sad but I’m also excited because I know there’s another Archangel that has something special to show me.

just be

What the message of the week? Well this is interesting because I don’t feel or see anything. I heard my Angels say last weekend “just be” because when we just chill and relax, is when all kinds of wonderful happens.  I actaull say this image during a meditation.

Your wonderful can be nothing at all like reading a book, getting ready for the Holidays, shopping, cooking, watching TV, talking to a friend on the phone, going for a walk, to the spa, on a date with your partner – anything at all.

The point here is not to do anything. We all worked VERY hard this year and now it’s time to clear and chill – like a blank canvas. This, get’s our spirit ready for the New Beginnings for 2017.

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