Give Yourself The Power of Control

There are so many good things in life that we will remember and cherish forever. There are also experiences that we wish never happened. What do we do with those?

set it free

There are things in life that we can’t control. Things like how family and friends act towards us, what our children do when we’re not around or the horrible things we see on the news. After a while, these things wear us down.

Stop for a minute and think. Yes, there are things we can’t control but with every situation we have a choice to keep it or set it free. It’s up to you.

When we have a negative experience it gets stored in our memory for a really long time, for life most of the time right?

The same goes for the good experiences in life. We hopefully remember them forever.

Now think about this for a minute. Why do we hold onto the bad memories? What’s the point? They upset us and when we rethink them, it’s like living the experience over and over again. Is this necessary? Why do we do this?

I’m not saying forget the bad stuff because each experience makes us who we are today and there are always lessons learned from it. I’m just saying, after time, and you decide how long that time is, start letting it go.

Give yourself the power to take control of the things you didn’t think you could control. For example.

Did you just get in a really bad argument with someone and wish it didn’t happen? Well, think about that scenario in detail. Think about what happened and what was said right down to the ugly detail. Think it. Relive it. Cry from it. Learn from it then … ready? Then give yourself the power and control to set it free.

I’m not going to lie. This is crazy difficult to do and takes years to understand and accomplish. Some people can do this in a very short time because they choose happiness and to look at the brighter side of life. If you dwell on the ugly, you will sit in your bad experience for many, many years and that’s just not cool or productive.

It hurts like hell reliving the experiences you want to release but feels so amazing when you choose to set it all free. And you know what the cool thing is? Most of the time, it’s the other person who has some learning and growing to do, you just happen to be in the path as they did.

Don’t give them the power of putting the ugly on you. Give yourself the power to set it all free.

When you look at the glass half full instead of half empty, you put yourself in charge of the situation and the outcome of how YOU are going to feel and let me tell you, it feels amazing.

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