“We Are All Here, Very Close. Feel Us”

Morning everyone. I was going to see if there was one particular Angel that had a message for us today. I don’t know about you but today, I feel pretty good. It seems like the energies have mellowed out a bit … or I just got used to them, I don’t know.


The past few nights my dreams have been really weird. I can’t recall them but I keep seeing images, words and snippet’s of them, like a movie. Lots of activity and I’m getting “lessons and healing.” I guess that’s a good thing. With this time of growth, who knows what’s really going but with each day, I feel one day lighter and brighter.

Back to the Angels. So I’m looking for one Angel to speak and I hear, “we are all here, very close. Feel us.”

So, today it’s not a day of words but a day of feeling. What does that mean? Tap into your heart and feel, not just sit back and let it happen but really FEEL what is going on. “Look with your heart, not with your eyes” they say.

Sounds good to me! Have a wonderful Sunday everyone ❤

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