Uriel’s Message of Ambition

Morning everyone! I was thinking about chatting with an Angel today but wanted to hear from one that we haven’t heard from.

You know there are thousands of Angels and not all have names because they don’t need names. Some have names of course but we have no idea who they are.

a message from UrielI’d like to share some Angels with you from my very first Oracle Angel deck I bought two years ago. I think some of you noted that they are “sexy Angels” which I think is hysterical!

Today I’m giving them a chance to speak. (shuffling)

Today, URIEL comes forward. He is a familiar Angel right? This is ok – many times when we think we know an Angel and what they are all about, they come in with a message that we haven’t thought of yet – What is his message for today?

AMBITION: Archangel comes in today with a strong voice of AMBITION. Are we doing the most we can do to better ourselves? Are we moving in the right direction or are we slowing down and just letting the Universe “do it’s thing” instead of us stepping forward?

Everyday is like a blank page in a book. We have the power to write any story we choose to if we have the drive. The thing is, will our day be a novel or short story?

Are you holding back? Are you underestimating yourself and your abilities? Aim higher, aim higher. You have much to offer. Trust yourself and your ambitions in life. Write that book and fill every page!

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