Angel Achaiah Comes In With “Patience”

What what a nice surprise today! Have any of you heard of the Angel Achaiah? Well I have!

This Angel was SO in my face last year to the point of annoyance. Most of the time when I pulled a “my message for the day card” he’d pop up. Who is he? PATIENCE.

an angel hug of paitence

He is the Angel that insists on being patient, you know the “good things come to those who wait” guy? Don’t you find that annoying?

It’s odd to say that to an Angel but we when are walking our path and everything is so exciting and we are experiencing so many cool things we want more right? Well yes!

• Why do we need to wait???
• I can handle anything you give me Angels!
• I’m ready to walk my path!
• Bring it on!
• I got this!

How many of you said those things? I know I have time and time again last year to the point we I almost threw in the towel with this whole Angle thing. Scary right?

Well good things do come to those who have patience. We all need to chill and wait for our Diving timing because yes, things do happen for a reason and in the time that it should.

See his book? That means that you have to read (not physical books but learn life’s lessons) and experience as much as you can before they feel you are ready to spread your wings.

Speaking of wings, see that his are red? That’s grounding. You HAVE to remain grounded through your journey otherwise your head will fall off – kidding – just seeing if you’re paying attention, lol. But really, your head will spin and you will miss out on the biggest lesson of all, Discernment.

You can’t help anyone or even yourself if you don’t know what is true, what is real or what/who you can trust. I can’t even tell you how important that is peeps!!

And you know what? All that takes time and experience. You have to give yourself time to allow for experience’s to happen so you can learn from them.

I was such a nervous Nelly last year all ready to rumble but my Guides, and Achaiah, kept telling me PATIENCE. Well I experienced and learned a lot in the last year – things that are NOT found in a books but discovered WITHIN. That is why it takes so long!!!!

Don’t rush it. Everything you experience will lead you to where you need to be but you have to experience … and have PATIENCE.

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