Do You Have A Color Connection With Your Angels?

Angels speak to us in many ways, color is one of them. Are you drawn to certain colors on certain days? Is what you wear making you feel happy, safe, sexy? These are all subliminal messages and yes, they come from our Angels.

color connection with angels

Most of you know I paint so color is so incredibly huge in my life. It’s how I see chakras, it’s how I see images that come from Spirit so I can deliver messages to people and it’s how I connect with my Angels.

For example. The other day I was feeling super creative and painted and wrote my heart away! What was I wearing? An orange shirt. Orange is all about the Sacral Chakra and that stimulates our creativity centers in our body.

Feeling all warm and fuzzy? Bet you are wearing pink. That’s the Heart Chakra.

Feel like you have the world by the balls (sorry, I’m descriptive) – bet you are wearing or are drawn to yellow, the Solar Plexus.

And the list goes on and on.

Another way to feel that color connection with your Angels is to paint. Don’t know how to paint? Try and app.

I have an app for my iPad called ArtStudio and love it!!! I can paint, draw or play around with color anytime, anywhere. It’s so freeing!!!!!

Take notice of the colors that you are drawn to and find out what your message is.

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