Call In Metatron To Help You Get Through The Holidays

I woke up this morning and took my iPad and just read my facebook stream. What did I notice? Chaos! How can we get ourselves through the Holidays? With focus and Metatron.

An Angel Hug with focus and metatron


The holidays always seem to bring out stress and emotions that have not been felt for a while when we get together with family and friends. This grabs us off guard and our Chakras let us know.

By the time our chakras are this out of balance, our bodies are already feeling it. How? Stress, anger, confusion, depression, restlessness and it also causes us to over eat and over drink. I have put on a few extra pounds as well and I’d like to blame it on living large and not exercising – see – the excuses are already coming in!

What do to? Call in Archangel Metatron!!!! Oh I just love this Angel for so many reasons but the main reason, is focus.

• What is your goal?
• What do you want in life?
• What do you want just for today?
• How can you get there?
• What do you have to do to get what you need?
• How long will it take?

Did you feel the anxiety as I typed those questions? I sure did and this is not good.

Now is the time to slow way the heck down and concentratrate on you and your body BUT first starting with your mind.

Think. Answer those questions on paper and also write down all that is on your mind.

The thing to know is –

This is such HUGE lesson for me and I struggle with this everyday, everyday, everyday. The thing I CAN control is my thoughts and my reactions. I am in control of ME and only I will choose how to react and to act.

This is easier said than done and like I said, this is my biggest struggle and I don’t like it. BUT, I HAVE to put this front and center before I spin out of control and blame everything on everyone else. Does this ring a bell with you too? I’m sure it does. It’s the #1 reason people get mad and upset during the Holidays.

What to do? I am SO going to meditate with Metatron after I write this and ask him for his guidance. He helps with focus and helps us stay true to ourselves. Do not let outside influences affect us or how we feel. WE control that but we need his help, at least I know I do.

Walk you walk and talk your talk. Be true to YOU, keep your Heart Chakra engaged, EGO out and ask Metatron to open and clear your Soul Star Chakra which his 6″ above your Crown Chakra.

Together we grow ❤

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