Things That We Once Knew, Will Change

Life is all about change right? Little tweaks here, little tweaks there and before you know it – BOOM! We view things just a little bit differently.


• Do you notice how your diet is changing?
• Are you eating less red meat?
• Less sugar?
• Drinking less alcohol ?

This is how your body is physically adjusting as you adjust on the inside. It’s all about getting lighter not only in body but in mind.

So what you were used to doing years ago, will change.

• Your circle of friends will change.
• Your eating habits
• What you watch on TV
• What type of music you listen to
• Your facebook friends

I know for me, what was important to me years ago just doesn’t resonate with me at all right now.

Everything around us is made up of energy. It changes and YOU will change.

Keep this in mind as you enter 2017 for when a whole lot of new is going to be presented to you!

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