And The Angel Elevator Is Going Up!

The other day when I was in my shower I saw this image of a pasty white being skyrocketing up in the air. Whenever I see something unusual, the first words out of my mouth are, “Well what the heck is that?” Then I got my answer.

Angel Hug Angel Elevator

As you well know, when you are in the shower or bath, your connection to Spirit strengthens. Not quite sure who made that rule up but all I know is when I’m near water, that’s the best time to talk to my Angels and for my Angels to connect with me.

So when I asked, “what the heck is that?” I heard “Angel Elevator.”

“I need a little more information please! What is an Angel Elevator?”

Then I hear this whole story how it’s time to move up from learning and experiencing Angels to the next level, which are the Ascended Masters.

I love how this path feels like I’m still in school and perfect timing too.

Again, as 2016 winds up – year of completion remember – 2017 will star anew. What better way to start the year than to lean about the Ascended Masters?

Well I look forward to seeing what they will be telling and showing me so I can share it with you!

One thought on “And The Angel Elevator Is Going Up!

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