What Do Angels Among Us Feel Like?

I was just coming out of Target and was saying to my Guides, that I want to connect with people’s energies more – I practice this everyday mind you.

So no sooner do I say that to myself, I see this young man walking towards me in the parking lot. As he approaches I test out my clairs and see what kind of energy he has. All these things about who he is went through my mind in a NY second which is fine but not the point.
What’s the point? It feels like our energies locked for a brief moment in time. He looked up with a HUGE smile, waved and said “hi how are you?” Then walked past me never to been seen again.
What’s this mean?
He felt amazing! Clairsentience kicked in and I felt his energy. I never know which Clair will come forward when I connect with someone but they are all there and they all work together.
Here, some people are so open and have such an amazing energy that it could felt from yards away. They leave you with such a warm fuzzy feeling and you know that they are connected to their happy place. Some people you pass in the store are so closed and sad while some, are clearly Angels. That is what Angels among us feel like.

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