A Channeled Message About FOCUS and CLARITY for 2017

focus and clarity

“When things are so close to your eyes, you can’t see.

Step away.

Look at life with a soft eye and a soft heart. Feel it beat.

When you are in sync with the rhythm of your heart, you find a pattern.

Focus on that pattern that you hear the clearest.

You sometimes make life more complicated than it needs to be.




When you don’t simplify, the heart beats faster from stress and anxiety, thus losing the focus.

Breathe into the beats of your heart – that is what will bring you back to focus.

When you calm your breath, your heart steadies in it’s beats 1-2-3-4- and that is when clarity comes into play.

What was once thought to be complicated was just a feeling out of focus –

Remember to go back to your breaths and slow your thoughts.

Focus on simplicity, focus on love.

You complicate life. Life is simple. Once we see what comes to focus, we can see clearly.”

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