Do A Final Rinse of 2016 In Your Shower Today!

Good morning beautiful Angels!!! Well, this is the last day of 2016 – finally right? It feels like it took forever to get through this year. So many of us went through so many changes and advances and it was not a comfortable ride sometimes, thus all the colds, headaches, emotional distresses etc.

angel hug happy new year

This is what you need to do in the shower today. As you shower, wash off all the remnants of 2016 and all that no longer “fits you.” You have grown.

Rinse your aura and clean and clear your chakras. As you do, all of that slides down your body and into the drain back to Mother Earth. As it does, remember to transmute it to light and love as it filters through the earth.

Now charge your shower water with Reiki or any other light healing element. As the water hits your body, turn front, back and don’t forget your sides! This water is cleansing you for 2017 so set your intentions 🙂

Now that you are all squeaky clean both inside and out – have a wonderful new year and bless and thank 2016 for all that you’ve been through and learned. 2017 … here come the Angel Huggers!!!!!

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