Transporting Your Body To Heal Others

I did a long distant healing on my daughter last night because she had a massive headache, fever and was vomiting. She lives three hours away so I couldn’t physically be there but distance was not about to stop me.

Medical Medium

I took it one step further and placed myself in her room – which I’ve done before so I figured I’d do it again.

There I was, hovering over her body while she was lying in bed. The odd thing is as I looked as myself as I was hovering over her, I was an Angel. I was white and had wings. I was there and everywhere in her room, like an energy.

I placed my hands on her body and pulled out the white blood cells that were accumulating as mucus in her body. I pulled the hurt out of her head and swished it away in sweeps. I pulled her hair back and kissed her on her forehead, that was warm. I traced my hand down her spine where her pain was and drew that out and swished it away. I then finished up by infusing her with love, light and the healing energy of Archangel Raphael.

I saw all this clear as day. Working as a Medical Medium comes easy – especially when it’s my family. When there is no hesitation, our abilities are endless.


UPDATE: The next day she said she feels fine! Slight congestion and coughing still but her headache is gone and she is not vomiting. She still has healing to do but I as her Mother, know that I was there to give her that extra TLC that she needed.

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