Archangel Michael’s Message is EMBRACE

Embrace: for now is the time to tap into all that you’ve been reaching for. All the synchronicities that you’ve been noticing are coming to the surface now. The sequential numbers, the songs, the feathers – that is all just touching the surface of what and how we are bringing your knowing to the surface.

archangel michael says embrace

Dig deep into you. Dig deep into what it is that you’ve been reaching for because it’s closer than you think, just trust yourself to reach out your hand and grab it.

Embrace your feelings for they will guide you to lead your heart in the right direction.

Embrace your heart because that is the one true place that will always lead you to where you need to be and to who you are.

Embrace your visions because they are the insights that will guide you to see what is not only best of others but best for yourself.

Embrace what you hear because you now know what to listen for.

Embrace your thoughts because you are now connected to the Divine and the Angelic Realm.

There is no more waiting. Take one step forward and be there.


Thank you Archangel Michael ❤

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