How Do I Know That The Messages I Hear Are From My Angels?

So in my world I work with color, art and Angels. I love to talk about all of them!!

Since next Saturday I’ll be teaching a class on How To Hear Your Angels and I wanted to share with you a question that ALWAYS comes up.

how do I know the messages I hear are from my angels?

“How do I know the messages are from my Angels?”

Your Angels will NEVER tell you what to do. They make suggestions and drop hints galore but will never say “you have to do this” or “this job is better for you” or “ this is the person you must marry.” When you have those very direct message, double check where the message is coming from because it’s not from an Angel. It could be your mind taking over or just a lower vibration energy that should not be trusted.

Angels will show you images such as a slide or see-saw which means you will have a chance to move forward – from one place to another – but it’s up to YOU to choose. You have to play Detective sometimes and figure out the puzzles – which I love to do! Lol, I always wanted to be a Detective and I guess my wish came true!

Angels will always have your best interest in mind. They ALWAYS send a loving message that has your highest good front and center. Yes they will give you choices and it’s up to YOU to choose. That’s the FREE WILL thing.

Have you heard your Angels today?

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