Which Angel Connects Us To Our Animals?

Good morning Angels!

I pulled a card for today and a card showed up that doesn’t show up very often. I almost wanted to put it back in the deck and reshuffle but you can’t do that! So I asked for more insights and this is what the message from Archangel Thuriel has to say.


“Know that your animals hold you near and dear to their hearts. They are there for love, comfort and balance. See them when you are feeling ungrounded and misguided for they are the ones that will bring you unconditional Joy and healing.”

Isn’t that awesome?? Think of when we were all sick a the same time in December and most of January. How many of you who have animals noticed that they never left your side? Why do you think that was? Because they are here for US – to love and to heal.

When you are 100% recovered from your health issues, give them a big hug and remember to thank them. It’s a good thing to do every day as well and clean their aura so they can release what they healed from you ❤

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