I Put Myself In Intuition Jail

Saturday I hosted an event called “How To Hear Your Angels” at a local B&B and it was awesome!!!

During set-up, someone had lost her keys and was frantically looking for them before the class showed up plus she had to drive somewhere and that would be hard to do without the car keys.

unlock your intuition

As I was setting up, I CLEARLY heard (Clairaudience) “they are in the sofa.”

Without a doubt and clear as day I heard that so what do I do? I happened to be in the living room at the time so I looked in the chair cushion of the sofa that was closest to me. Did I look in ALL the sofa’s? No. Why? Because I was too busy doing my thing.

I few minutes later the lady finds the keys and guess where? IN THE FLIPPING SOFA!!!!!

Oh I could have kicked myself in the butt. So why did I not listen to myself?

For starters, I thought it was my ego, myself, suggesting to look in the sofa because that is one of the first places we look when we lose stuff in the house right? That’s why I brushed it off.

Why should I have listened to that voice? BECAUSE IS WAS NOT MY VOICE THAT I WAS HEARING IN MY HEAD!!!!!!

How do I know? Well first of all I was not concentration on the keys, I was busy doing a set-up. My monkey mind was working on MY stuff not her stuff. However, when you get a message SO loud and SO clear such as this, THAT is your Guides or Angels helping you out.

I of all people should have known this but didn’t listen to it. Boy did I feel like slapping myself in the head when she found her keys in the sofa. I could have saved her 10 minutes of searching.

What did I learn – again?

When messages come into your head out of the blue and so loud and clear. Listen to it!!!!

I actually learned several things that day. So many things to learn and day by day, each one goes in my intuition book. Live and learn. We have a lifetime to practice 🙂

2 thoughts on “I Put Myself In Intuition Jail

  1. I guess we have a hard time being on point all the time. I am glad you had more verifiable information about your abilities.

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