Are You Feeling Low Vibes Or Do You Just Not Understand What You ARE Feeling?

Journal post: This is an interesting question and one that I’ve noticed  has been brought up over and over again.

What exactly are you feeling today? Low energies or energies that you just don’t understand yet?

Angel Hug soaring energies of 2017

When you notice patterns such as the same numbers showing up all the time, certain feelings you keep having, headaches, mood swings, anxiety or even depression, it’s time to analyze the situation.

Since my journey has excelled in 2014 and my psychic development has been tested time and time again, I’ve became very self-aware. I notice the things around me that are so in your face that most people can’t see them. Or the opposite. I notice things that most people let slip by because they are quiet or in the background just going unnoticed but people such as myself, notice these details. This is all part of psychic development.

What are we talking about today? Energy.

We are about to come into another full moon and so many of us get wigged out. I know the full moon is upon us based on the way I feel and act – no weather app needed.

Headaches: Many people are getting “head stuff” and that would be anything from migraines to insomnia. Keep in mind, the moon phases can do this to you!! Especially the full moon.

2017: I mentioned at the end of last year that 2017 is going to be a strong one. I don’t know about you but I can feel the different in energy from 2016 to now. It’s come in like a bull in a china shop. Did you think that you’re NOT going to feel it?

Depression: With so many questions and all of these odd feelings popping in many of us cannot process what is going on. The result? We go IN instead of OUT. Going in yourself is non productive when you have low feelings or confusion. They need to be addressed and released. Holding onto any emotions will have an affect on your body. It’s all about balance.

The list goes on and on.

I’m thankful that for me, I now can pretty much slide through these phases. After much trial and error and a lot of meditation I’ve become VERY calm. When something like this pops in, instead of freaking to the point of migraine, I figure out where it’s coming from and deal with it.


And that’s a good thing by the way and even better if you can stay one step ahead. (A) by realizing this and not freaking out and (B) by getting to the point before a physical symptom hits your body. If you do get a physical symptom, instead of burying yourself in Advil and a warm bed, find out where it’s coming from and work on it.

CONCLUSION: You must start tapping into YOU. If you are on this amazing Spiritual path you are now being tested so to speak. They are pushing you out of the tree seeing if you can fly.

Will you soar or fly back to the nest? It’s time to soar!

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