A Message From The Ascended Masters About Time and Space

A while back I said that I got a message from my team saying the “the elevator is going up to the next level.” Anyone remember that? The message for that meant that now for 2017 the Ascended Masters will be coming into play BIG time. 
A message from the Ascended Masters

The past few weeks I’ve been getting messages and as we know, Angels work in puzzles and sometimes it takes time to receive all of their messages. Well I’ve been paying attention to the signs and finally have a message from, not only the Ascended Masters but the Wise Ones.
The message is about time. Here is the download that I received Saturday.
“When you take two pyramids and turn them so they point towards each other, they form an hour-glass which in itself is a measure of time. Now take that hour glass and swing it – like a metronome, another measure of time (reference to the ticking of our heart as yet another time-keeper) to the left (towards the female side of oneself.) As it swings to the left, you can enter the timekeeper/time changer and set your intentions. Time and space are now one.”
It was just this morning when I was making the graphic below that I realized if you take each triangle and put the on top of each other, they form a Merkaba.
This is a big finding and keep this in mind for 2017.

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