How To Heal With Archangel Raphael

How nice to start the day with Raphael and HEALING.

Today is the perfect day to get outside and pamper yourself. How? With healing from Raphael. Treat your self to the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual healing from Raphael.


How can we do this?

CRYSTALS: Use crystals such as Rose Quartz, Malachite, Jade or Peridot.

COMPASS: Really tap into the connection by facing East. As the sun rises in the East, start your day by setting your healing intentions.

ELEMENT: Air – it’s all about our thoughts. As you use your breath be inspired by the day and new beginnings. Embrace the healing joy of the new day.

COLOR: Be mindful of Raphael’s healing as you wear pink and green today. From the colors you see outside to the clothes you wear.

FOOD: What’s  my favorite? Green tea! Also consume any green vegetables.

CHAKRA: The heart chakra of course. Feel balanced, peaceful and compassionate as you engage your heart chakra today.

MANTRA: “My choices come from love!”

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