Shamael, The Angel Of Music

Ever hear a song that makes you think of someone? Ever happend to be thinking of someone and then that song comes on the radio? Guess which Angel is sending you messages through music?


Who is Shamael?
She oversees several chakras and several parts of our body. As we know, there are hundreds of chakras or energy centers in our body. Most of the time we speak of just the main seven. Here, in Shamael’s case she oversees chakras that we haven’t spoken of yet or may not have but that doesn’t mean they don’t exist. 

She of course is all about the Throat Chakra which is our voice box, our musical instrument. She also oversees our ears for the pleasure of hearing music and sound. Our eyes, to be able to read music. Our mind to be able to understand and interpret music and sound. Our heart to be able to feel the emotion of the songs we listen to and last but not least, our skin. Our epidermis is the largest organ in our body and talk about an energy center!

We feel water on our skin, we get goose bumps when the water is too hot or too cold and even when we hear a song that resonates with us, we get chills. Next time you hear that song on the radio and it just happens to remind you of someone – guess who’s tapping in?

2 thoughts on “Shamael, The Angel Of Music

    • Hi Ivan. Don’t get too hung on on the name of Angels. I’m sure you’ve already discovered that if you search for the name of an Angel on the internet, you’ll get a variety of definitions.

      There’s Chamuel (He Who Sees God and represents the Heart Chakra) and Shamael (Angel of Soul Transformation) which is how I know them from my Angel Certification.

      As far as the attributes or specialty of any Angel you find on the internet, it’s important to know who the source is that is providing that information. Yes there is a HUGE variety when it comes to who and what these Angels do which is strange right? You’d think one Angel, one attribute. Well that’s not the case.

      Keep in mind Ivan that Angels are energy and names really are not the important factor here. They soul purpose is based on what YOU feel they do for YOU. So don’t get hung up on a name because there are thousands. The right Angel always comes forward in your life so try to feel a presence instead of knowing their name 🙂

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