Loving My Reviews!

I have tweaked my readings just a bit and taken them up a notch. I am now going to be a certified Medium after I finish my course in 10 weeks. I’m so excited and this is clearly what I was meant to do.

So to give myself some homework, I’ve asked for four volunteers so I can do practice readings on them. I’ll be adding all of the reviews as I get them but I have one so far and I’d like to share it with you.

“Donna did a reading for me this afternoon to help with her Medium certification. I was so excited, as my Grandfather, that passed before I was born came through with a beautiful message for me and my Dad. He wanted my Dad to know that he always loved him. He told me that “Some days are rainy and cloudy but he will always bring the sun shine for me!” and “He is my giver of Joy when days are gloomy!” Beautiful messages! She was able to give me specific examples of what she was shown that meant specific things to me. My Mother’s father was there too. I adored him. She was able to tell me things about my Mother, who is still living. One of my little dogs even came through. Beautiful reading Donna. Anytime you want to practice. I’m your girl!”

and here is one I did just today –

“Lucky me, I had a reading with Donna today. It was awesome.

It was a true pleasure and a privilege to be able to have a reading with Donna. She is a kind and caring person with a big heart. I felt as if we were sitting around the table talking with my deceased loved ones. From the very first sentence about my grandfather, she blew me away with the accuracy of the information she received from him. Donna brought to me comforting messages of validations, love and support from my family and detailed memories of my childhood growing up.

Donna has a positive and fun energy surrounding her and she brought therapeutic suggestions to help me heal some current issues. I wholeheartedly recommend Donna’s services and I look forward to having another reading from her in future. Thank you Donna. 

Come read some of my other reviews. If you feel included, contact me about doing a reading for you.

3 thoughts on “Loving My Reviews!

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  2. Just read this today. I have been trying to catch up on email. Made me cry, again. Thank you for the special reading to other day. I am so appreciative. Love ya! Linda

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