Journal: Hey Grandparents! Show Me A Sign!

So I’m in the house listening to video lessons for my Mediumship class on my iPad about Signs & Symbols. What happened next was a little hard to believe.

Angel Signs


I’m in my bathroom cleaning the tub as I’m listening to the video. The Teacher said to ask your passed loved ones to show you signs that you associate with them. I explained to my passed Grandparents that I was taking a course on Mediumship and could they please humor me and show me a sign that they were with me.

I must admit, I felt a little doubt. Now I’m IN the tub wiping all the shelves down while doing this which is an odd place to ask for signs from a past loved one – no feather or coins here!

Right after I asked for a sign, I looked down to continue cleaning and looked in my bath basket of stuff and what do I see? Looks like nothing to you but anything BLUE reminds me of my Grandfather because that was his favorite color. COFFEE reminds me of my Grandmother and she has shown me that word in books before when I asked her to show me a sign.

This happened in a NY second. What are the chances of that????? Love it!!!!

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