What Did I Learn Thus Far From Doing Readings?

I’ve done some practice readings this week on the phone and have some information that I’d like to share with you. It’s all about energy. If the energy and connection is strong, the reading will be one amazing experience. 
Tips about readings
• The energy of the recipient needs to be good. Ask the person not to be on speaker phone. It’s like they start off the reading by “keeping you at a distance” and that energy, at least for me, is felt and the connection is not strong.
• Readings are an A/B conversation. If just the reader is doing all the talking and the recipient has nothing to say, the energy is dead in the water and the reading is VERY general.
• Not all past relatives have something to say to their loved ones. Some are quite and are very content where they are, being quiet. I like to mention this factoid in the beginning of the reading just so the client knows what to expect.
• I’ve noticed a lot of animal energies are showing up – not necessarily their animals that have passed but animals that just like to be around people.
• For me, I start getting information in before the actual reading. I tell Spirit that I know they are excited but can they please wait until the correct time to connect. It’s all about those rules and regulations.
• At the end, I always like to thank all the Angels, Guides and Spirits who joined in the reading.
The thing to keep in mind is that when readings are given, they are ALL messages from Spirit. If something is mentioned by the reader such as (see below) it’s the choice of the client to act upon that if they feel it resonates with them. Readers should never tell you what to do.
  • It looks like you may be teaching this year
  • Working with children feels like a nice direction for you
  • I see traveling looks like it can be fun for you this summer
Readings are all about free will. Suggestions are made but they are up to you to choose that path. Tap into the way you feel and how the reading resonates with you. Keep in mind that your participation is key to adding to this beautiful experience.
If you’d like to book a phone reading with me, they are $75 and anywhere form 30-60 minutes long. I look forward to doing a reading with you.

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