It’s Scary To Speak Your Truth But Oh So Important

How is everyone this morning? I hope you are feeling great and have an awesome day planned for this Thursday.

This morning I did something pretty ballsy and it was not easy. I am out of my Spiritual closet 100%. It was scary and enlightening all at the same time. I fully engaged my Solar Plexus (empowerment) and Throat Chakra (speaking ones truth) and put a note out on my public facebook page for everyone to see. I wanted to share my words with you.

“Today’s message is this. No matter who you are, man, woman, gay, straight, young, old, sick, healthy, addict, artist, dog catcher – whatever – it’s important not only for the world to know the true you but for YOU to not be afraid of who you really are. When you don’t speak your truth or step forward and accept who you are, blocks are created and your body will so let you know that it’s not happy. Today, I feel happy and very much alive!!! Here’s my words that I shared with the world.

“Ok time to share. It’s one of those things that’s not fully accepted by everyone and I understand that but if I am to speak my truth and own up to me, it’s time to publicly put it out there – which by the way is not easy.

I just enrolled in a 10 week course. At the end of 10 weeks what happens? I’ll receive my Mediumship Certification. I’ve already been doing readings for about a year and must say, they are pretty darn magical so this course is just a natural progression for me.

Some of you will think this is too much and I totally understand that – it was nice knowing you. Some of you will say, “Yea, we already knew that and accept who you are” and I hug you for that.

Either way, I’m still me. I drink beer, curse like a sailor when I get mad, have a great career as a Color Expert/ Interior Designer, love talking about Angels, post a lot about my cats, love art and sell a lot of paintings. Pretty normal stuff.

My name is Donna and I’m a Medium in training.”

10 thoughts on “It’s Scary To Speak Your Truth But Oh So Important

  1. You’re right! Sometimes it is so scary to speak the truth. I know I keep much of my truth inside. That’s why I love this post – Congratulations on coming out and speaking your truth!! How exciting, too the journey you’re embarking on. I’m a bit envious! You’re such an encouragement Donna!

    xxoo ~ Jaime

  2. Good for you!!!! I always say, get out of your comfort zone and discover more about yourself and the world of others around you. May the blessings of spirits be with you!

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