How To Read A Deck Of Cards

Ready for this? Who can see the message here? I don’t use Tarot cards but did you know that a regular deck of cards was the first Tarot cards? Come see what this card is all about.
how to read cards

These are SO easy to read and it’s the way that I started reading cards. Let me tell you about this one.
We all know what red hearts mean. It’ love, love and love right? In reference to cards, hearts transfers to the Swords if you use Tarot. It again is all about emotions, relationships and how you feel about something or someone in your life.
Now you don’t have to be Numerologist to know what 10 represents. Ever hear the saying “it’s a 10 out of 10?” Well that’s good stuff right? Yes.
Take it one step further. I like to narrow numbers down to a single number so 1 + 0 = 1. What does the #1 mean? Well it’s YOU! YOU’RE #1 as in the greatest, the best, the winner, winner chicken dinner. Understand?
Let’s put the two together.
You and #1 and in a place today that clearly is on the right path for you to be. You have confidence, joy and are enjoying all the benefits of all that you worked so hard for. Love is the best gift that you can give anyone, especially yourself.
See how easy that was?

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