Always Trust Your Clairs

When I woke up this morning I was thinking about what to post here. Should I do a card of the day or share a post or what?  The best thing to do when you’re not sure is to trust yourself and how you feel.

Angel hug readings

I always like to post about how I feel because that is how Spirit communicates with me – based on a Clair. Most of the time it’s not really me feeling like this it’s me picking up messages or getting a download (lesson) to learn. This Clair that I’m talking about is – #Clairsentience which is clear feeling. I’m also feeling tingles or hair pulls on top of my head which is another way Clairsentience is felt.

Today, and it started last night, I don’t feel I’m in the best of moods. Why? Silly reasons really but they all add up. What does this mean? It’s all about vibration and for today, it’s low. It’s also all about Clairsentience and it’s up to me to be aware of it now.

For the most part my vibration runs high just about everyday. I guess like anything else there needs to be balance and so I get a low vibration day as well. The good thing about this is that I am not doing any readings today because I’d have to work extra hard to raise up my vibration. The other good thing is that this is a great lesson in Clairsentience.

When we work with Angels/Spirit we need ALL our Clairs not just one. Every Clair needs a workout. So today, I’m going to tap into how I feel and work really hard on raising up by vibration. Maybe next week it will be another Clair and I’ll be aware of that.

One thought on “Always Trust Your Clairs

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