What Is A Good Mediumship Reading? When People From The Other Side Connect.

I am SO enjoying doing these Mediumship Readings! Not only do I get to speak with the client on the phone but I get to meet their family – in Spirit.

Come hear how readings can give someone a sense of healing, love and laugher.

Connecting with people who have passed

Here is a review from a reading that I did and I’d like to share with you. Note that there are MUST-HAVES in a reading to be able to call it a Mediumship reading other wise it’s just a reading which is fine as well. Here’s the difference.

In a Mediumship Reading there should be names mentioned, details of the person who has passed that only the client would know and in closing, a loving message from the people on the other side who want to connect with their family.

Names: It’s pretty important to have a name or at least the letter of a name in a reading. If the reader says that there’s a female presence without giving a name, then that point really goes out into the wind. A letter or nickname of the person who has passed is aways needed.

Details: If you look at the review from the reading I did below, you’ll see that I mentioned details such as Oma having a ton of moth balls in her house and I was actually able to smell it to her also wearing a red babushka and having certain clothes that are unique to her right down to the color and style shoes she wore.

Images: Not all passed relatives come in when doing a reading but some will show me an image or two and then they’re gone. In this case it was the  brother-in-law coming in with a quick wave and hi-five then out he went. He also dropped a nick name that only he and she would know so that too is important – not the amount of time that relative stayed.

Messages: This is probably my favorite part of a reading and touches my heart big time! People who have passed want to give messages to their family to let them know that they are ok and are still with them. They give hope and reassurance that yes, when you see that butterfly or feather that is your passed loved one connecting with you. Theses are NOT coincidences. Sometimes the messages are more personal and detailed such as finding rocks, hearing chimes ring or sharing that memory at the Fair. It’s always nice to hear them say a “I love you” or “tell her that I miss her” which is great to hear from anyone!

The client: Right from the start there should be a good connection on the phone. There should be an energy exchange and you’ll feel it in the form of laugher and a nice warm tone in our voices. If you do not have a good feeling on the phone, the reading will be VERY, VERY vague and I will not go forward with the reading or mention that it will be general. This means that the client has a bit of a block or is on guard and not yet ready to have this experience.

This is what a good Mediumship reading looks and feels like. I will write  a post about what a poor reading is. Meanwhile, here is the wonderful review I received from a lovely, lovely client today, and I thank her!

“Donna Frasca just called and did my reading. It was so nice to visit with her and we had a great time! My Oma (grandma) popped in and made sure Donna knew she was around. Oma used tons of mothballs in her house and that was what Donna got to smell…lol She also pointed out her quirky fashion sense to Donna and of course wore her red babushka. My sister Franny popped in and shared memories of taking me to the State Fair. My brother-in-law also wanted to add his nickels worth and Called me Dizzy Lizzie and then did a “Score!” and went about his business. What an awesome reading! So now Donna got to meet my relatives and their sense of humor. Thank you again so very much Donna!! It made my day, and knowing that my family is watching over me warms my heart and elevated me to tears. OH!! The bells….. We have bells on several doors and when you open the door you hear the tinkling every where.”

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