What To Do When Life Feels Like You’re Walking In Quicksand

So yesterday was a day that I found really hard to focus. I got nowhere quick, ate too much, didn’t go for my walk because it was too cold outside, the cats threw up and I just felt like I was walking in quicksand.
We’ll all have days like this but I know the weather doesn’t help. It’s cold out for some of us and the full moon was in full swing. What to do? Focus.

I took a hot salt bath which helped and did a fairly short meditation but it was cool. I put a blindfold on while I was in the bath so I’d have complete darkness. What did I see? Eyes. A BIG eye.
For some reason when I close my eyes I’ve always seen one big eye staring back at me but last night I heart the word “Mother” while I was looking at the eye. Not Mother as in me but Mother as is She. It was a very reassuring feeling that yes I am being looked at but got the feeling of “just set your sights and stay focused.”
Focus is key. I believe I had said that last year also in a message of “focus and clarity.” So focus it is.
What is your focus? Do you have a set goal? It may be tough getting there but keep looking ahead and stay true to you and your path.

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