Archangel Haniel Says Be True To YOUR Truth

This morning the message from Archangel Haniel is THE TRUTH. Now this is a tough one for many!


What is your truth? Are you able to express it clearly? Do you feel that you speak and no one listens?

Know that on Earth when we speak many times it goes to deaf ears. Know that when you speak to your Angels, they ALWAYS hear your words.

No matter what your question is or what you want to ask your Angels, I can guarantee that they will give you an answer but don’t forget to give them a timeframe. Ask them to answer you this week or within 24 hours or whatever your timeframe needs to be.

Ask them to communicate with your via sounds, images, music, coins, feathers, birds – whatever your symbol is so you’ll know it’s from them.

Start a symbol book. This way your Guides will know how to connect with you based on what your symbols are. For example, if you want to know that your Mom is around, ask to see a butterfly. If you want to know that you are on the right Spiritual track, ask to see a dime. See how this works?

The point is to start digging deep into YOU. Be true to YOU and you can customize that journey any way you want to. Stop reading the internet and following a ton of Advisors on the internet only to be left confused.

Simplify. Trust in you. Follow your heart. Be true to YOU and watch what happens 

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