Horrible Mediums: How To Spot A Fake Medium

Bad or fake Mediums show themselves in many ways. The obvious is by the way they look. They’ll be the ones wearing velvet skirts, head wraps and tons of clanky jewelry that screams “look at me I’m a Medium!” I’ve had several readings myself so I’d like to share how they differ, what to look out for and how to choose one that is right for you.

fake mediums

Like any other career, there are many variations and styles in Mediumship. The key is to find one that you feel connected to which will result in an amazing reading.

Characteristics of a fake or bad Medium.

RED FLAG #1 – PROMOTING. Oh they are clever because they look like you and I on the outside but on the inside they are all about themselves. They sell, sell and sell which is fine but it shouldn’t be the first priority. Being a Medium is all about healing and how to help others. Fake Mediums put themselves first and will do it whichever way they can. Getting you to buy their courses and readings is one way. Sure it’s fine to promote yourself but there should be a balance of service and promoting. In this industry we are dealing with people’s feelings so that should always come first. Promotion is necessary as long as it’s done in balance. And on fake promotion – did you ever go to those physic fairs and see an aura reading person, you know the kind where they take a picture of your aura and tell you what it means? Be SUPER careful of this service because many times it’s just a fancy camera lens that picks up on heat and will translate it into color. That is not aura reading. Read my post of what I witnessed at one of these fairs.

RED FLAG #2 – ME, ME, ME! When you hear a fake Medium constantly say “ I did this” or “I did that” or “I can do this” then that is 100% their ego talking. Yes everyone has ego and yes it does pop up every now and then but it shouldn’t take up 90% of your conversations. When they do readings for you, that is YOUR time not theirs. It may be ok to share a quick experience to make a point but it’s really not the time for them to talk about themselves. During a reading I had I guess the Medium ran out of something to say or felt uncomfortable I don’t know but she started doing card tricks in front of me. I think she was trying to show me a way to practice some skills but I was there for a reading not card tricks. So for about a good 15  minutes I was watching her predict what card she was about to turn over. So not fun or appropriate to do at a reading.

RED FLAG #3 – BEING GENERAL. Everyone looks forward to getting readings but sometimes there are things that are said that are so general with no explanation behind it. I was once told that I had a gray color on one side of me. Ok. So what does that mean? It’s one thing that I had gray around me but you have to tell me what that may mean. Is it bad?  How did it get there? Is it the Boogieman? How do I change it? Why is it there? What is it? If I had said this to a client I’d explain that gray is a neutral color. I may have continued by asking the client if there is something that they are not sure about. It also depends on where this gray color is located on the body. We of course are talking about aura colors here so placement is very important. My gray was by my shoulder. After I was told this, I had no other explanation of what it was or what to do. That’s so not cool. Since I know quite a bit about auras and color I’d ask the client if they were carrying some decision “on their shoulder” like a burden. It could also mean that there may be an emotion or experience that was not so pleasant (thus the gray color) on their back for a long time and that they needed to shed it or release it. In other words, if a Medium says a statement, they should give you a solution on how to address it, not leave you hanging. A conversation must be developed. Why? Because it’s like the period at the end of a sentence. There is a beginning, middle and end of a reading. It has to be full and complete in order to provide the client with a solution or thought so they have a sense of healing, love and fulfillment at the end of that reading, not confusion.

RED FLAG #2 –  SOCIAL MEDIA. Look at their blog or website. Are they original or are they putting their spin on other Mediums post? I know that there are only so many topics to talk about in this area but when similarities are SO similar, it makes you wonder if it’s really their words  or someone else’s with a spin. I’ve seen this time and time again and it’s  sad that people can’t come up with original content. Just look at the content in this blog. Every single paragraph is from an experience I’ve had and is unique to me. Yes there are some that are more general than others but for the most part I try to talk only about the experiences that I have so I know that it will be a different reading experience for you all – grammatical errors and all, lol. Since I’ve been starting my 10 week Mediumship course  I see the difference from being authentic and real to someone who just rides coat-tails. My Teacher is awesome! She talks about stuff that you and I think but just don’t see it written anywhere. She puts a new spin on typical topics which shows me that she walks the walk and talks the talk. Talking about personal experiences is key and is super fun to read about thus making it easy to learn and understand. Read the internet and discover other Mediums. Take your time when choosing one before you buy anything. I scoured the internet for about year before my Guides told me it was ok to start my certifications and I’m glad I did. Everything is about timing so don’t rush this process.

RED FLAG #3 – I’M AN ANGEL. They are a Miss Goodie Two Shoes. If you constantly hear them or see them write everything that is one-sided such as every other word is “light and love” and “Namaste.” I’m not saying these are bad things to say but I’m just saying they have to be balanced. For example. When I get mad, there’s a really good chance that I’ll say a bad word. On the weekend I may have a cocktail or two, perhaps make poor food choices and eat a little more sugar than I should. Yet, when it comes to connecting with Spirit, I detox for the week, raise my vibration and get down to business. I experience life to the fullest. This makes me happy and happiness raises vibration BIG time. I personally know some Mediums that are “goodie two shoes” and that just screams trouble to me. If THEY can’t be real with themselves why should I trust them to read me? When you are not true to yourself, blocks are created. You don’t want to get a reading from a Medium with blocks. Ego lives there. Just be real. Just be you. Being you is what you are best at. When you are happy in your skin the connection to Spirit is crazy strong … and I love the skin I’m in.

RED FLAG #4 Pricing.  This is such a touchy subject but it is certainly a concern when you are looking for the right Medium for you. Some charge $350+ or more for an hour reading and some charge just $25. That is a BIG difference! What do you get for $350 that you wouldn’t for $25? Unfortunately you’ll never know until you buy but if you do lean towards the more expensive read do an internet search or read some testimonials. Just because it’s expensive doesn’t mean it will be good. Learn to trust your gut. Just a tip here, connect with Archangel Jophiel to help guide you to what’s best for you. Trust your you. You will always have your best interest in mind.

RED PLAG #5 Predictions. Mediums are not fortune tellers although many think that they are. They maybe able to suggest that a change is coming for you in the next few weeks but should never say that you should not go on that cruise ship because it’s going to sink. Why? Well let’s say that you’ve been saving money for 10 years to enjoy a family reunion on that cruise ship. Just because a “Medium” said not to go, you now will not have had the beautiful experience with your family that would be remembered for a lifetime and there’s a 110% chance that ship will be just fine. You need to believe that. True Mediums discuss all that is good and will not or should not tell you about a gory scenario in your future that may not even materialize. What if the Medium is 120% sure something bad is going to happen on that ship? She should already know that this trip is important to you so her words are key here. Maybe something like, “Family engagements will be stronger than ever this Summer. Enjoy all experiences with your family members and cherish the time together.” Here she is saying that yes you will be on a trip with your family and like life as we know it, there are good experiences and bad experiences especially when it comes to family right? Life is what you make it. You are in charge of you.

How to choose a Medium that is right for you.

So now you know what to look out for when choosing a Medium to do a reading for you and it takes time, don’t just jump in. Just because your friend had a good reading doesn’t mean that you will. Her standards are different from yours.

KEY ELEMENTS: Talk to her on the phone. Do you hear joy in her voice? Do you hear a happy sense or is she quiet and with a very monotone, lifeless voice? Connect with her voice especially if you’re going to do a phone reading. That’s ok even if she has a strong NY accent (maybe me, lol) you may find humor in that which is fine. Hear her words. Does she have your best interest in mind? Does it feel like she will put your feelings first? If she does she will ask about YOU and how YOU are. What is it that you want to know or talk about. She may even go the extra mile and ask you about the weather or where you live or if you’re having a good day – but don’t give her too much information on the phone, keep it general. In other words, she is about YOU not her. Feel her voice and sense her energy and yes you can do that on the phone. IF you have already paid for a phone reading and you feel off with her, just stop the reading and ask for a refund. It’s ok to say that there is a weak connection because if she is a good Medium and can’t connect with you, she will or should do the same.

I hope that you found this information helpful. I complied this based on the readings and experiences that I’ve had both as a client and a Reader. If you have any questions add them in the comments below and I’ll be glad to answer them. If you’d like to book a reading with me, contact me in the tabs in the top of this blog. I hope you have a great reading now that you know what to look out for 🙂

4 thoughts on “Horrible Mediums: How To Spot A Fake Medium

  1. Excellent Donna – I’m also doing the 10week mediumship course-very enjoyable read- will explore more when my phone isn’t playing up so much (a playful spirit playing with my ph) – Thankyou Nicky Daniels

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