Why Are People In Our Lives?

We all know about lessons right? You know that the people we meet are in our lives for a reason, when that reason is fulfilled that “friend” or person slowly slips out of our lives. Come find out why this is and learn the reason behind these “friendships.”


I know it’s easier said than done but please don’t fret about this! This is such a blessing in disguise you have no idea!

Sure it hurts when a person that we thought we had a great connection with no longer wants to or can be in our lives anymore.

PLEASE remember that person was in your life for a reason.

It could be to teach you something or to have met you in order to introduce to a friend of THEIRS that is the one that is suppose to be in your life.

This is a VERY complicated lesson and one that has taken me 55 years to understand and finally get. I so welcome EVERYONE in my life because I know that they are here to bless me with something or someone who I need to have in my life. I look forward to meeting anyone and everyone for this purpose alone and try to figure out what that purpose is.

When I do find out the reason for a friendship and that friendship diminishes, I thank them and then I sit with myself to find out what the gift is that this friendship, no matter how short, has brought.

This is a really big lesson to get under your belt and when you do, your world shifts to something pretty darn cool and amazing.

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