Why Are The Animals In Our Lives So Important To Us?

As I started my day today, the first feeling I got was “animals.” The birds were exceptionally loud this morning, I heard a dog crying out somewhere in the neighbors yard and I also saw a neighbor looking for her dog that escaped the yard since last night. Ever wonder why all these creatures are in our lives? What role do they play for us?


As per the energies over the past few day, times like this will test us. They will be super high and super low. How we react to these situations is a test of resilience, strength of character, vulnerability  and spirit. Everything we do and experience is a lesson learned but how will we receive these tests?

We will go through many tests and in doing so, learn, grow and once we get through it all will rise up stronger than we were before, like the Phoenix who gets reborn once rising from the ashes.

If we can handle and process those “highs” more will be brought into our lives. If we can handle those “lows” without getting into a tailspin of self pity and depression, life will become easier.

These lessons are all about balance. Take the good with the bad and keep your heart centered, your mind clear and your insights open to be able to receive these very powerful messages.

Ask yourself, what did you learn from your experience? When you “get it” that lesson is now under your belt and another one is on it’s way.

What does this have to do with animals? Everything!!!!! All animals are here on this Earth for us. They are either here to help up heal, love, think, balance, feel, hear, cry, let go, and receive insights. Some animals are here on this Earth for us for pure sustenance both physically and emotionally.  This pertains to every living creature from the smallest insect to all our Spiritual animals such as the  Dragons. All these creatures bring us something from insights to compassion and we take it. Each one of us will be drawn to a different creature for help and guidance and to help us understand and process all these lessons.

Today, think of them. Give back to all the animals in your life today because they need us as much as we need them. For all the physical animals in our lives, hug them, love them and send them all the healing and energy that they need because they constantly give to us. For our mythical and symbolic creatures, thank them, always.

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