Snake Energy: Think of It As Spring Cleaning For Your Soul.

Do I like snakes? Heck no!! They are creepy, scary looking, sneaky, have fangs, scales and just pop up out of nowhere and scare the crap out of me. So why am I posting about a snake today?

snake energy

When we look at a butterfly we see transformation. When see a ladybug we know that is good luck. All the creatures around us symbolize something and it’s different for everyone.

All these cards come with a guidebook. I rarely read those books because I don’t need a book to tell me what something means – I use my intuition most if not all the time. Let’s talk about this scary looking creature.

I know if my Mother-In-Law sees this card she will have a conniption because snakes are very scary to her and I don’t blame her however – let’s look a little deeper.

I can talk about this until next Tuesday but for today, I’ll say this. The snake basically lives its life until it’s skin no longer fits. As the snake grows it’s skin becomes tighter and tighter until it starts to shed. Slowly, the skin is released from its body and a new skin, that fits better, is now the new attire for the snake.

How does this relate to you and I? As we go about our lives, hopefully we are growing both physically, emotionally and mentally. After a while you’ll find that your skin no longer fits. You’ll shed your skin meaning you’ll cut your cords in life, let go of all that no longer servers you, let the past be the past and even forgive all the emotional and mental baggage that you’ve been carrying along all these years – you don’t need it! Holding onto all this “stuff” is what causes you to get sick. It’ll manifest in  your body in some way, shape or form.

So what do you do? Shed your skin! Let it go! Release and shed. What happens when you do that? You now become more comfortable in your skin and you’ve grown into a new you. A you that’s been there all along but was just waiting for the right moment to break out. Think of this as a Spring cleaning for your soul.

This is the snake energy ❤

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