Journal: Yes, I will bend but I will not break … at least not today

Life can be challenging some days. Some days are smooth sailing and some are a bit bumpy. I know that everything that happens in life is a lesson. I know that no matter what comes my way, I can handle it. The key here is to not spin out of control.


Years ago before I started meditating, getting Reiki Attunement’s and communicating with Angels, I would spin out of control in a heartbeat. Today, I still may do so but I have learned to posses an inner control that for the most part, prevents me from flipping out to extent of ruining my day.

I still may flip my cork but the flipping time is substantially shorter than it used to be.

Today, there was  a little bump in the road. After dissecting a conversation and reliving that the emotions that I was feeling was just a reaction to someone else having a bad day, I realized that it’s so not worth ruining my day or upsetting the people in my life because someone else is going through a learning experience.

One of the lessons that I am learning in my Mediumship course is that it’s ok to be pissed off for an allotted time but then let it go. So, I was angry for about 30 minutes then took one big inhale and one big exhale and released it.

I am calm as cucumber and happy to say that yes, I will bend but I will not break … at least not today.


2 thoughts on “Journal: Yes, I will bend but I will not break … at least not today

  1. Oh wow Donna I can so relate to “flipping my cork” (hilarious terminology!) and having it ruin my day! I don’t meditate conventionally, but working in my gardens and greenhouse has the same affect for me. What a beautiful photo of the ocean. Big Hug – Jaime

    • The photo was taken recently at my last visit to Florida – love it there! And yes, working in Nature is another great way to meditate … and be inspired to paint I’m sure! Thanks Jamie 🙂

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