How Do I Know That Channeled Messages Are From Spirit and Not From Ego?

Great question right? In order to find the answer to this one it really helps to experience it. Never channeled a message? Let me tell you what my experiences are.

Metatron the angel to help with work

I know this answer will be different for everyone but for me, I get channeled messages in several ways.

One way is when I mediate and specifically ask a question either to my Angels or Higher Self, and immediately get an answer.

The second way is when I’m going about my day and all of a sudden information just pops in to my head – clear out of the blue.

How do I know it’s not BS? These messages are ALWAYS loving or healing. They are never ego based or tell you what or how to do. Sometimes even the words/grammar I get are so different than the way I speak (I have a NY accent) so I know it’s not me. Basically, channeled words come in fast, out of now where and are oozing with love.

PROOF: This is probably one of the most profound channeled messages that I received. It’s has to do with time and it’s a channeled message for sure!!

TIMELIME JUMPING: A Channeled Message from my Higher Self.

2 thoughts on “How Do I Know That Channeled Messages Are From Spirit and Not From Ego?

  1. I haven’t been getting many clear messages lately. I truly feel my guides aren’t with me anymore – or just not right now. But I do know what you mean. A while ago, for a period of about 8 months, if I meditated while feeling a certain way about something – a voice would flood into my head and say things in ways I would never say them. “You deserve to be recognized” or “What you are experiencing is not nature, but demons.” I would never use those words.

    • Angels wouldn’t use those words either – the words of Angels should never scare, “What you are experiencing is not nature, but demons” is a bit unsettling as to what that source is. Discernment is a BIG part of all this and sometimes, troublemakers or Earth-bounds pop in and try to deceive us. Like I said in other posts, Angels or Ascended Masters always giving loving messages, nothing threatening, negative or scary.

      From what I understand, we always have Guides with us. They are giving to us from the second we are born. They change throughout our lives but never leave us. I can see and connect with my Angels more so than my Guides. I know my Guides are there but my Angels have a much bigger pressence. Keep in meditating and see what you get.

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