Please Stop Blaming Everything On The Retorgrade

Ever notice as soon as the headaches come in or someone’s mood changes the “experts” always say it’s because of the Retrograde? This is probably the main reason I don’t read, follow or subscribe to any of the energy readers. It’s not always because of the Retrograde, it goes much deeper.

energy readers

Sure the Retrograde has a lot to do with it however, it’s time to stop looking OUT and blaming the way we feel on the Universe. We so need to look IN because all the answers are there.

I’m coming to realize that by the time our body show signs that something is out of balance, we run and find out what moon cycle we are in or how the planets and stars are lining up. This is all fine and dandy and does have a bit to do with how our body feels BUT our body also will know how to fix itself.

Let’s say you have one bad case of TMJ. Your jaw is killing you and your teeth feel like they are ground to stubs. What do you do? You run to Google and look up your favorite energy reading Guru and see how the Universe lines up at that moment. Maybe it’s because Mercury and Venus are … or wait, maybe it’s because Leo is about to … no that was last month. What the heck????????

This is what I mean by looking out. As soon as something inside us is off, we hustle to find out how to fix it but we are looking in the wrong places.

I still say that most if not all our issues start with our chakras.

For example, the TMJ. TMJ is all about the jaw which is really close to your Throat Chakra. The Throat Chakra is about communication both listening and being heard.

What is it that you are trying to say that no one is listening?

There is nothing more frustrating than having something to say that we feel is important and there is not one person in the room who is listening. What do we do?

We stress.

We clench our fists and scream louder but still, not one person is listening to you. What do you do? Scream louder. Now who wants to hear a person raging about something that – well no one knows because who wants to listen to a screaming banshee? No one.

Your stress level goes way up and your jaw is so tightly clenched that your teeth fall out. Well your teeth don’t actually fall out but I was just making sure you were paying attention here – you know, listening to me? I certainly don’t want to get TMJ.

See my point?

How to fix this? Look IN.

Don’t go running to the internet and see that it’s a full moon so that’s why everyone else is a raging lunatic.

Don’t go to your favorite energy Guru and read that some planet is in Retrograde because who cares?

Like I said – yes, Retrograde does have a bit to do with how we feel but Retrograde affects everyone differently and who’s to say that because Sally feels like it’s a new beginning for her, Mary feels she’s already begun. It’s just all over the place.

Everyone is an individual. Take the Retrogrades with a grain of salt and yes, use them as a guide, lightly. However, look at yourself. Why are you screaming? Why isn’t anyone listening to you?

  • Maybe it’s your approach.
  • Maybe it’s your tone.
  • Maybe you are talking to deaf ears.
  • Maybe the timing is not right for what you have to say.
  • Maybe your words are too strong.
  • Maybe your words are not strong enough.
  • Maybe for today, you need to listen instead of being the one talking.

These are just some of the things to check when it comes to your Throat Chakra. Evaluate yourself first. Step inside yourself and just take a look.

  • What is a little off today?
  • What can I do to change the way I communicate?
  • Be honest about who you are
  • Do a little self talk
  • Voice your opinion in a loving, caring way
  • Talk TO people not AT them

Once you evaluate yourself and that mean finding at what you are doing and why that body part hurts, you’ll find your answers.

Start knowing your chakras. Start knowing you.

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