My Mediumship Certification Is Almost Complete!

Just a few more weeks left in my Mediumship Certification course. Today starts my Practicum! At the end of my course when I receive my certification (fingers crossed.) I will be offering readings at a reduced rate. Normally they are from $75-$111 so a discount will be nice for a limited time.

angel hug readings

Here is a review from one of my readings I’ve completed in my course so far. Please click on the REVIEWS tab on top to see more 🙂

“Donna did a reading for me this afternoon to help with her Medium certification. I was so excited, as my Grandfather, that passed before I was born came through with a beautiful message for me and my Dad. He wanted my Dad to know that he always loved him. He told me that “Some days are rainy and cloudy but he will always bring the sun shine for me!” and “He is my giver of Joy when days are gloomy!” Beautiful messages! She was able to give me specific examples of what she was shown that meant specific things to me. My Mother’s father was there too. I adored him. She was able to tell me things about my Mother, who is still living. One of my little dogs even came through. Beautiful reading Donna. Anytime you want to practice. I’m your girl!”

3 thoughts on “My Mediumship Certification Is Almost Complete!

    • I’m crazy excited about this Jaime! I just got done doing a reading (homework) and it was amazing. I can’t believe my life and it’s only going to get better from here ❤

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