Which Angel Can Help Me With Fertility Issues?

Have fertility issues or anything that has to do with your reproductive organs? There’s an Angel for that! It’s Archangel Gabriel.

Angel Hug Gabriel for fertility issues

Since Archangel Gabriel oversees the Sacral Chakra, it’s a given that he is the Angel that would help with all areas connected with the Sacral Chakra.

What parts of the body are associated with the Sacral Chakra? 

  • kidneys
  • sex organ
  • bladder
  • pelvis
  • lower back
  • reproductive system
  • urinary system
  • spleen 
  • colon
  • small intestine 
  • immune system

Now some of these body parts also are affiliated with the chakras that are above and below because they touch as one point and are all part of our energy system. Mainly, it’s the areas that are mentioned above.

If you are having issues with these areas, know that you can call in Archangel Gabriel for help, healing and guidence.

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