The Waning Gibbous Moon Is The Time To Adjust and Refine

I don’t know about you but I am like clockwork when it comes to the moon phases. Today I feel a bit “off” and wouldn’t you know it, it’s the Waning Gibbous moon. This moon phase is the perfect time to refine, adjust and edit.


So what do you do? Adjust!!!

If something feels off that means that what you were doing or feeling before just doesn’t fit or feel right anymore, much like outgrown shoes. You still need shoes but just a different pair.

This is good!

I just saw on my FB news feed that someone felt overwhelmed today. THIS is what this moon phase can do. Now that we know what the moon is doing and how some of us will feel today, be ready for it. Just slim down your schedule, thoughts, errands, to do list etc. A lot will becoming in today and come in hard at that so be ready for it. Take it one step at a time – slow and steady. Get your filter ready because there are some things that need to leave to make room for more yummy stuff to come in.

How to start? Tap into your Sacral Chakra and get creative. If you feel you have excess energy that needs to be adjusted, figure out how to release that energy, maybe amp up your exercise.

For me, I have a lot on my mind – a lot. I have to put everything in line with the most important stuff up front first. I do have do edit a few things as well but will be writing today to sort that all out. What ever is the heaviest on my mind gets addressed first and the rest will be dealt with later.

It’s important to use your filter today or everything will be very overwhelming. Keep in mind what the Waning Gibbous moon is all about and be led by it, not threatened. This is good stuff!!! Follow your heart and intuition.

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