Which Angel Can Help Me With My Journey?

Well many can but there is one Angel in particular who specializes in just this. Are you familiar with a labyrinth? This tool is what Archangel Raziel is associated with. Come see how both this tool and this Angel can help you with your journey.


I have a handheld wooden labyrinth that I use often. It teaches me about timing, balance, focus and looking into the future just a bit to see what direction you have to make.

In order to use this tool you have to keep things in balance and you can make it to the end but you really have to focus and look a bit ahead to see where you need to be. This is SO Archangel Raziel. She will help you with these insights and help you realize why things happen the way they do on your journey.

Learn to trust your insights and intuition. Tap into your 3rd Eye Chakra for additional insights and to connect with Raziel. If you don’t have one already, purchase an Iolite crystal to further enhance this connection.

This is all about insights and knowing how to trust yourself with the decisions you make in life. ALL our Angels are here to help us but you have to take the first and ask them for assistance.

One thought on “Which Angel Can Help Me With My Journey?

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