Hold Onto Your Hats! Today’s Moon Energy is Fierce

Wow talk about Moon Shenanigans. Yesterday was a really bad day for some of us. Let me ask – who got into an argument? A car innocent? Had a bad day at work? Was sick? Got a financial pinch in the wallet? Yea, thank the moon for that one.

Strong moon energies

I had a HORRIBLE day yesterday! We has tornado watches, it rained all day, I ate food that was really bad for me and on top of it all, my daughter was coming home from college and she go into a car accident. She’s ok thankfully but her are, R.I.P.

This is all about rebirth and growth. Some of us will be tested and it’s going to hurt and be a hard smack in the face but please keep in mind, it has to come out and be addressed because beyond that … it’s beautiful. Push through it.

Archangel Auriel, please watch over us as the energies of the New Moon today swipe over us. We are ready to grow and move forward in our journeys but ask for  the illumination of your love as the moon shines on us today. Help us see what our messages are<3


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