How Do I Ask To See A Sign From Someone Who Has Passed?

Someone asked me this today and I thought it would great to share the answer here. So, how do we ask to see a sign from someone who’s passed?

If you’d like to get a sign from someone it’s as simple as asking. However, you have to pay attention to details.

First you should already have in mind the person that you want to connect with. Now before you ask your Angels to connect the both of you, keep in mind all the things that will be symbolic of the person that you are trying to connect with.

For example. One day I wanted to connect with my Grandparents. I already knew what both my Grandmother and my Grandfather felt like to me so I knew how I’d recognize them. Read the link in this paragraph to find out more.

After you ask, keep your senses peeled for those signs and they may be as subtle as sounds, scents or any visuals that would remind you of that person. You really need to be specific and pay attention.

Also, give Spirit some time to connect. You should definitely see signs within a week so keep an eye out.

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