Memorial Day Message. Watch For Facades

I woke up this morning and was waiting for a message from Spirit. I started looking through my facebook feeds and it was just too “off.” Some people are sick, tired, complaining about something, responding to all the fake news still, needing to change their bodies with commercial products – all kinds of stuff.


At first I felt myself getting annoyed but luckily I grabbed myself and listened to Spirit.

Their message: “Things are not as they appear. There will be false fronts or facades to sway you into thinking or believing in something that someone else wants you to feel. Look above that and let it go. Please trust yourself and look towards the people that you know will give you or lead you to truth. Don’t get discouraged, just listen to your heart not your ego. ”

Again, track the moon phases. Today is the Waxing Crescent which shows that the moon is close to the sun in the sky and mostly dark except for the right edge of the moon. What does this mean to you?

Most of what you see is not real (this relates to the mostly black part of the moon) however the sliver of light that can still be seen on the right edge represents YOU and is way stronger than any facade.

If I can tell you anything it’s to trust yourself and what you feel. You will always be lead to the truth when you trust what you feel and when you listen to your Guides, Angels and Spirit.

Just keep this in mind for now and write down what you discover ❤

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