Archangel Raziel Says KISS – Keep It Simple Silly

Life sometimes is like a maze, we go around and around in the same direction and sometimes get lost.


Today’s message is about Basics. Getting back to Basics. Start with simple things. For example.

Do you exercise? Are you part of a fancy gym membership and are into the Boot Camp killer workouts? Go back to basics today and do jumping jacks. Remember Jack La Lane?

Do you eat a high protein shake with tons of vitamin powers and greens of all kinds for breakfast? Eat oatmeal today.

Are you hooked up to social media 24/7? Unplug and read a book or do nothing at all, let your mind rest and think.

Sometimes we get circuit overload and not only confuse our body but overwork our mind. When you mind is overworked it is inefficient.

Today, less is more. Relax your mind and body. Breath. Archangel Raziel says to unwind and see what happens.

#KISS – keep is simple silly ❤

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