The Most Amazing New Card Layout, THE KNIGHT

I received an amazing download for a new card layout while in the bathtub last night. It’s called THE KNIGHT. Love Chess? Well than this layout is for you.

card reading The Knight

Does anyone know about Chess? This layout is for the complicated mind. It’s for the person who loves puzzles and who loves to keep a few steps ahead in life, or at least tries to. The Knight’s ability to “jump over” in an L pattern makes it very powerful.

I’ve played chess since I was a kid so I think this is crazy amazing that Spirit connect with me in this way.

I will have to meditate on this for a few days to find out more about it but I know that I’ll be making an entire CHESS series. This has not been done before in the internet so it’s incredibly unique.

This layout will go into very deep details because it does have to do with Chess and movements to capture a King. Does this layout have to do with LOVE?

This card layout will be available for $75 and you can purchase it here, just click on the PayPal link. I am crazy excited out this!!!!!

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