Archangel Michael Comes In Today With A Message of Strength

Who’s the Angel that has the strongest attitude. Do you know? This Angel will say what he wants, fly in when he wants and most definitely tell you what’s on his mind.

Did you say Michael? Well if you did, you are 100% right.


Michael is the most upfront, boisterous, has a crazy sense of humor, and most definitely an in your face Angel. He doesn’t mess around.

This morning while I was gathering the message of the day from my Team, I went by how I felt – Clairsentience. Michael comes in with some big words for everyone today.

“Today, stand in your power. Trust yourself in knowing that you already know what to do but incase you wobble, we are all here to catch you. There is much turbulence going on in the world and yes, this will affect us all but grow beyond this.

• Mother Earth will correct herself and clean the planet as she see’s fit.

Wayfinder’s will cross your path and test your journey.

• Unseen forces will test your limits and try to misguide you.

• Your senses will flood but discernment is key.

You are at the point where you can and will rise above. It took you long to get here and you ARE here so don’t look back – you can’t because you physically are now designed to more forward.

Trust you, us and love. It’s strong … and so are you.”

Thank you Michael ❤


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