Charge Your Mind Not Your Crystals

Here we go! It’s full moon time and now you’ll see everyone saying the same thing – get your crystals out and charge them in the full moon. Well, now is the time to get out of that simple mindset and focus on YOU and not your crystals. What do I mean? I’ll tell you.

super moon

Everything is changing my friends. With change comes, well change! You can’t nor should you continue to do the same thing every full moon. Not only is that boring that is not moving forward in your Spiritual growth.

What should you do?

I’m not say NOT to ignore your crystals I’m saying they should not be your main focus every full moon. What should be your focus? Well you of course!

It’s time to get your mind-set straight. Don’t follow what all the other guru’s are saying. It’s time to follow YOU.

Tap into your intuition, you insights and what you feel you want to do for these moon rituals. In my opinion, it should be different every time.

Maybe for tonight’s full moon you’d like to go outside and just be. I’ve been saying this since the start of this year only because my Angels gave me this message, JUST BEE.


this was a channeled graphic

If you don’t tap into yourself and your mind, you will never progress Spiritually. The mind is very powerful and that, your intuition and insights should be your guide – not what everyone else says to do on the full moon.

IF you are JUST starting out then of course start with charging your crystals but wouldn’t it be so much better to charge your mind instead?



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