How Can I Clean My Aura?

Archangel Michael says that to declutter your life allows room for more to come in. Is this as obvious as doing a little spring cleaning in the home?

Clearing your space, your home, car, office, closet or yard is something that most of us do on a regular basis just to keep our space neat and tidy right? But what about the space that you cannot see?

How can I clean my aura

I’m talking about the space that is around you. Your aura.

Do any of you clean your aura? Many of the rituals we do are symbolic right? From the moon rituals to lighting candles when we meditate. Cleaning or clearing your aura should be one ritual to add to your list.

When I’m in the shower in the morning I let the water slide down my body and in my mind visualize it washing away all the stuff on my aura that doesn’t need to be there. Stuff like emotions, harsh words, off colors, sounds, bad feelings, imprints – anything at all that you feel may be around you.

After your Spiritual shower, your aura is now squeaky clean, shinny new and colorfully bright. It’s a space that you cleared and cleaned for the day. Keep in mind that auras change by the minute depending on what you are feeling so if you feel a bit off, hit that Spiritual shower and clear it up. Also keep in mind that this “shower” can be done virtually. You don’t actually have to get into the shower but it is a nice ritual to do when you have your morning shower 🙂


3 thoughts on “How Can I Clean My Aura?

  1. When I lived in the country by the river, I often went outside and night, cleared my aura, connected with the earth, the air, then extended to connect with ‘all.’ My senses seemed to increase, an acute awareness… Presently I’m in an upstairs apt with zero earth, not even outside at street level.. but that will be changing… That easy connection to the earth is important.

    The shower helps, as does the ‘imagined’ buffer when around a group of highly-charged people…,

    • Try to bring the outdoors in. Can you bring in large plants in so it feels like you’re outside? Maybe rethink your color scheme and incorporate more green. Add some earthy Cedar wood candles and wood & water elements and you’ll be good to go :-)_

      • Ha.. as for the plants, I have one pitahaya/night blooming cereus that tolerates my long absences.. I have been gone for two months – when one is still in recovery mode after an earthquake, it’s hard to have that normal life! We have Palo Santo, which grows in the wild here, and cleansing the space is a common and comforting ritual.. Thank you so much for your feedback!

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