How Can I Be The True Me?

As I get on in years and I’m quickly approaching my 55th year, I’m starting to shed layers and it feels great!  The one part of our body that is the most imporant, we keep hidden the longest. Come find out how to reveal it.

Be your true you

When I was in my 20’s I had the long hair – ok it was the 80’s so everyone had big long hair but it was more than just a hairstyle it was a security blanket.

The longer my hair was the easier it was for me to go out in public. When I felt a little insecure I’d know that with a quick tilt of my head I’d have a curtain of hair that would partially hide my face and the rest of the world would no longer be able to see me.

As years went on and my body was no longer the perfect 36-26-36 I started wearing clothes that would cover up my child-bearing belly or my lower parts that stuck out just a little more than I preferred.

I’d accentuate parts of my face to distract from the parts I didn’t feel were perfect.

Sleeveless tops were never going to happen because someone might see that I don’t have muscular man arms.

Black shoes were a must because sometimes I felt that my feet would arrive in a room 10 minutes before I did.

Oh yuk!!!! My 5’5’’ frame was getting shorter and shorter and shorter. What am I doing????????

  • Shed, shed, shed.
  • Reveal, reveal, reveal.
  • Freedom, freedom, freedom.

Off came the hair. Short shirts felt nice and cool in the hot sweaty days in the South. I wear less make-up and it’s always just lipstick, oddly the part of my face I’d always try to hide I now flaunt. I live in Skechers because they are like walking on clouds.

What’s the point? The sooner you shed all the bullshit insecurities and let the real you shine through, the better you’ll feel.

The funny thing is once you walk your walk and talk your talk you start to look around and notice everyone else’s insecurity blankets and wish that you can just rip them off of them.

  • Stand up straight and embrace who you are!
  • Do what you want to do!
  • Be who you want to be!

The point of this blog post which also doubles as my journal is that you only go around once. Don’t wait until you’re an old fart in a Nursing Home to start to be the real you.

When you are the real you, you not only get to enjoy yourself but the people around you do as well.

Shed those insecurity blankets and show the world you and what you are. The part of you that is hidden the deepest will come out and shine the biggest. What part? Your heart.

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